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The Role of Spirituality in Promoting Reconciliation

August 17-23, 2015                                                                            Constanta, Romania



A Cooperation with

Romanian Academy (Iasi Branch) and Bretanion Institute



Conference Program


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 Global Age of today brought a new and unprecedented situation at community level (local or national) as well as for the most of us as individuals. Our neighbors are no longer just our relatives or our conationals, but people from different cultures and religions, coming not long time ago. This is a situation of potential conflict, tensions arising from different cultural and religious values, from different understandings of the meaning of social and individual life. And because this newcomers are not from long time in their new place, they bring with them a stronger sense of traditional values and they are preserving their identity through fervent practicing of their religion. This situation can give rise to tensions, sometimes very serious ones. The risks are very high and now there is a quest for finding the best ways to reconcile people and communities.


Spirituality, understood as a practice following a particular religious tradition and aiming personal and community`sbetterment, has the ability to provide empathy for the other, because somebody having a spiritual practice can recognize a similar need of any other human. But for this ability to be effective there is required an understanding of self and of other, i.e. a form of philosophical reflection, even if this is not formal or theoretical. To reconcile can have many meanings, from reconcile individuals, to reconcile neighborhoods, communities, entire countries, or even the reconciliation with self (since we often have contradictory elements in our formal instruction or in our thinking).


The aim of the seminar is to bring thinkers from around the world to provide insights on how a spiritual practice can offer solutions to various conflicts and to offer understandings of what is reconciliation.


Application for Participation

Applications for participation in this seminar should be sent by email by April 1, 2015, to Dan Chitoiu (dan811@yahoo.com) and cua-rvp@cua.edu. Participants cover their own travel costs; the seminar organizers provide simple room and board during the seminar.


Please enclose:

(1) a CV describing the applicant's education, professional positions and activities;

(2) a list of the applicant's publications;

(3) a letter stating the applicant's interest and involvement in this theme and its relation to his/her past and future work in philosophy and/or related studies; and

(4) abstract of a paper the applicant's might want to be considered for presentation during the Seminar and then submitted for eventual publication.








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